The debut recording of the Klaxon Mutant Allstars, ROBOT INVASION is the product of a new generation of eclectic-minded jazz musicians living in the Bay Area’s technology-obsessed, genre-twisting, multi-cultural mix. With inspiration drawn from 1980s hip hop, to underdog baseball heroes, to the writings of David Sedaris, California politics, to covering indie rock bands like Deerhoof, the Klaxons have created an album that, like the Bay Area, is multi-pronged in its influences, vital in its relevance, and boldly points to the future.

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Klaxon Mutant Transformigrator Device (In Development)

Coming soon!  You can own your own special transformigrator device that will change unwitting humans into rabid Klaxon Mutant Allstars fans!  In testing mode right now, but until the device is perfected, check our calendar to see us live or buy the CD when it comes out!  

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Previous events


Klaxons @ the California Jazz Conservatory!

California Jazz Conservatory, 2087 Addison St, Berkeley, CA

Join us at the new space for the California Jazz Conservatory on their Way Out West concert series! The Klaxon Mutant Allstars will perform songs for their upcoming project of 'originals' from the 1980s and beyond.  All songs tested and certifiable to be galaxy saving.  Henry Hung: tpt Eric Garland: drums Kasey Knudsen: sax Colin Hogan: keys Jonathan Herrera: bass



Live at Amnesia!

Amnesia, 853 Valencia, San Francisco, CA

Join us for late night explorations of the mysteries of space, robots, and Jazz. #jazz-ish



Klaxons invade Jupiter!

Jupiter, 2181 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley, CA

Come on out to your favorite pizza and beer joint in Berkeley!